hi Lisa thank you yes of courseso let’s start out with this you are a very active person and a lifelong tennisplayer until you were diagnosed with cancer can you tell us a little bitabout how old you were when you were diagnosed right you know I actually beenplaying tennis since high school so a long time so I was working for theUnited States Tennis Association and was down in Lima there were there two courtsand at the time I was 53 so I noticed that indeed there […]

who are now going to demonstrate some exercises for us as promised thankyou guys thank you for joining me with this okay we’re going to start with somewarm-up for our wrists so we’re going to bring our hands up at about chest heightand we’re going to do a wrist circle because make that circle as big as youcan and now ready let’s go the opposite direction big circle warming up thosewrists and this is something you can do just sitting in a chair while you’rewatching TV now we’re […]

living longer living healthier livingbetter than ever before welcome to Mountain-Pacific's HealthyLiving for life a weekly series that gives you the information education andexpert insight you need become an active participant in today's ever-changinghealthcare client here now is today's program host you've probably heardphysical activity and exercise are good for you but exercise is not just aboutlosing or maintaining weight in fact getting and staying active is one of thebest things you can do for yourself no matter your age your health or yourphysical ability physical activity helps […]