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hey guys James here from The Active Lifestyle andfor this week's Mobility 101 we are looking at loosening and making yourupper back and shoulder mobility better. So what you're going to do very simplewall slide take a step back heels against the wall bring your arms up putyour butt into the wall your elbows into the wall and fine get your the back of yourpalms into the wall so your fingers press in and keeping your back up intothe wall as close as you can exhale slide all […]

BONA Fitness stands for Building onNatural Ability and we've been around since 2000 we actually started on Westheimer we've been in Katy since 2012 so we kind of got our start out of asupplement store and we were just crazy about, you know, the quality ofsupplementations on the market. We wanted to do something different and it's spunoff into a personal training gym which started off as a small 'bout 5,000square-foot gym and now here we are in Katy whatever 15 years later and 11 thousand sq. feet. […]

hi Lisa thank you yes of courseso let’s start out with this you are a very active person and a lifelong tennisplayer until you were diagnosed with cancer can you tell us a little bitabout how old you were when you were diagnosed right you know I actually beenplaying tennis since high school so a long time so I was working for theUnited States Tennis Association and was down in Lima there were there two courtsand at the time I was 53 so I noticed that indeed there […]

The solution to every global healthcrisis always hinges on one thing. A person, a doctor, or nurse. A midwife orpharmacist or public health educator or volunteer trained in vaccinations. Everyhealth crisis whether affecting a small family or huge region depends on whetherthe health worker on the ground has what he needs to do his job. She is the linchpin to the entire system. He is the hero of every story. Give her whatshe needs and she will turn the tide of the epidemic. Save the child, educate thevillage, […]

Hey everyone, I'm Ola, and I love healthy drinks recipes. Today I'm here with Yana, coffee-trainer at JS Barista Training Center. – Hello! Yana will tell about great hot drinks, full of vitamins and energy. We are going to make vitamin fruit drinks, They will be hot, we will boil them, healthy hot drinks! Today we are going to make 3 different drinks. Yana, let's start from the first one! – Sure! The first drink is going to be from apples. We will need apple juice for it […]

– Supporting your triathlon training with a good, balanced diet isessential for your performance. Today, I'm looking gonna belooking at which superfoods can give you that natural boost. (robotic burst) – Let's start by addressingthe term or word "superfood. " Now, many nutritionistsactually shudder at the thought of that word, because thereis no one singular food that can give you that amazingboost, that can make you a better, faster, strongerathlete overnight. It is about a combinationof various nutritious foods combined with a training plan that will make you […]

who are now going to demonstrate some exercises for us as promised thankyou guys thank you for joining me with this okay we’re going to start with somewarm-up for our wrists so we’re going to bring our hands up at about chest heightand we’re going to do a wrist circle because make that circle as big as youcan and now ready let’s go the opposite direction big circle warming up thosewrists and this is something you can do just sitting in a chair while you’rewatching TV now we’re […]

Originally, this training program was created as part of a federally funded grant to create a graduate curriculum in relationship education. So we can use this curriculum to all professionals, not just child welfare professionals. It could be mental health professionals. It could be military leaders as we are doing it today. They're given a lot of tools on how to be tactically and technically proficient. But the other half of their job is counseling and developing and being problem solvers for issues that will rise from the […]